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Is there a purpose?

Since I was a child I have been thinking about this life I was given. Did I say given?

Yes, I did. Despite suffering my share of setbacks and severe depression I have always sought to think about the meaning of this life and the time we have here.

So many questions we find almost impossible to answer…

Is this life all we have?

Is there a purpose to it?

Do I matter?

I am lucky because I believe in things that keep me going. In my past messages, I have avoided discussing such things, but the time has come to direct this message to you if you are looking for meaning in your life.

I can’t give it to you, you must find it in yourself. However, start by looking around at all the beauty and complexity around us and ask questions. Nature is awe-inspiring and I see beauty and design in everything that I cannot explain away as happening by chance.

I believe we all have a purpose and it takes many years to find it. In most cases, I believe helping others must be a part of this purpose.

Taking up a hobby can help you to learn new things about your world, your desires, and dreams, and also about yourself. My hobby is taking me out of this world and pushing me to think outside of the box. It is reminding me that we are very small but necessary in the vast complexity of the world and beyond.

My hobby is astrophotography, what’s yours?

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