What’s Your Wish for Christmas?

If you could have one thing come true…what would it be?

Would you want something for yourself?

Would you want something for the world?

Would you want something for someone close to you?

I’d love you to leave a comment below and tell us all what one thing you’d like for Christmas. Be as noble or as simple as you want. Let’s have some fun with this!

I’ll start. I’d just like one thing for Christmas… I’d like violence and hate to be replaced with love.

Simple. And you?

Comment below.

3 responses to “What’s Your Wish for Christmas?”

  1. Maria Rosa Carmencita Castro Avatar
    Maria Rosa Carmencita Castro

    What I want for Christmas is peace for the world.
    Merry Christmas Karl. Thank you for your inspirational articles.

  2. randa Avatar
  3. Grace Omai Avatar
    Grace Omai

    I want peace in my family n money to settle my mother’s medical bills

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