Category: My Business Activities

I’d like to explain some of the most important business activities that I am involved with as owner of and director of Help Universal Ltd.

Here are some of the things I do:

  • I sell helpful affiliate products in many fields including child products, healthcare, books, education and astronomy.
  • I am a photographer and specialise in two areas: nature photography and astrophotography. I sell my photos online and as NFTs.
  • I am a writer and seek to help and inspire others through my work.
  • I am a blogger who writes content for various websites including my own and
  • I am a fully qualified teacher with a master’s degree in teaching English. I give lessons online through
  • I also design websites and buy/ sell domain names.

My Company

I have a company based in London, UK called Help Universal Ltd.

The address is:

124 City Road, London, England. EC1V 2NX.