About Me

Karl Perera

I’m a teacher, I’m a writer, I am an astrophotographer, and most of all, I am a human being who loves to inspire.

I’m Karl Perera. Nice to meet you!

Are You A Passenger In The Journey of Life?

If you feel like life is happening to you and your life journey is about as enjoyable as a wet Monday morning, then it’s time to get off that bus and board the happy train!

No, I’m not on medication. I am just inspired.

Beautiful, don’t you think?

I find nature, both in the distant Universe and here at home, to be the most inspiring part of life. This is why I spend as much time as possible photographing Nature and the Stars. Yes, I love the beauty I capture through Astrophotography and Natural Photography and enjoy sharing it, especially on Instagram, hoping it will cause you to wonder about your place in this world.

Where to Find My Photography

You can catch the best of my photography on Instagram here:

My personal photos on Instagram – @karlnft

My Astrophotography on Instagram @karl_astroimagery

My Astrophotography Website:

Astro Imagery – How to Do Astrophotography

What Else Do I Do? How Can I Help You?

As a Teacher and Writer, I aim to help others. I have taught at Durham University, the University of Leicester, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, and the Izmir University of Economics and have helped hundreds of international students to successfully get their masters in the UK and abroad.

Click the following link to see my current CV (opens Word Document).

I have coached clients of all ages and professions and helped them make good educational decisions, improve their careers and find the confidence to succeed.

I am also an accomplished writer, having written many articles and a book about self-esteem and confidence. My book, “Self-esteem Secrets: 12 Steps to Success” has been a best-seller on Amazon. Sadly the book is now out of print.

I ran two very popular psychology websites since 1997 and have had over a million visitors. I have gained an enormous amount of experience using online technology to help those in need of guidance and motivation.

Now, through my blog on karlperera.com and through my active interest in astrophotography, I aim to continue to inspire you.

If you have a question or a comment please contact me here

My Writing Online

Here are some of my latest articles and posts online:

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