Good Karma from Bali

Here are three inspiring shots from my holiday travels in Bali. How wonderful does nature make you feel? Please comment below.

I believe in good Karma and bad Karma. Do you? In fact, I know it is real because I have experienced it. This is my second trip here to Bali and when I am here all the good I have tried to do elsewhere seems to be repaid to me.

I advise you to find the place that gives you peace and good Karma. You don’t have to travel far. You can find it very close to home at the beach or in the forest or in the mountains or even in your own back garden!

Nature can heal us. Let it work its magic on you!

Comment with your thoughts below on what nature means to you and how it makes you feel.

What is Karma?

“Before you act, you have freedom, but after you act, the effect of that action will follow you whether you want it to or not. That is the law of karma.” Paramahansa Yogananda

“The more love you give away, the more love you will receive.” —Unknown

“The tears you cried last year, watered the seed for next year”. – Unknown

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