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I have always loved writing! Yes, I’m one of those strange people who loves everything about writing and I have done lots of it. Currently, I write content for a number of clients which is published on websites in a number of different fields. Contact me if you would like me to write articles for you.

The Previous Websites I no longer own

more-selfesteem.com – information and articles about how to improve your self-esteem (been running this site since 1997)


Self Sabotage – read about the symptoms and possible reasons for this strange but all too common behaviour.

Excuses, what are they really? – the voice of doubt and the reasons why we make excuses. Advice on how to stop them from stopping you.

Confidence in Class – how you can be more confident and relaxed in class.


Self Esteem Secrets New Edition – this book is a newer edition of the original book self published in 2009. Published by Motivational Press.


my Amazon Author Page

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